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Suzuki Music is the trading name of the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Vic.) Inc.

T: 03 9830 0433 F: 03 9830 0577 W: E: [email protected]

This membership is for families who have children learning with a current financial Suzuki teacher member. Family membership is for families who reside in the metropolitan area in postcode zones 3000 to 3207 inclusive, and country family membership is for families who live outside the 31 LGAs** that make up metropolitan Melbourne. If you are joining for the first time you are considered a new member, otherwise you are either a renewing member (you need a different link) or a re-joining member. Baby & toddler membership is only open to families with children aged 3 and under and only attending Suzuki baby & toddler music classes.

Memberships of Suzuki Music are not refundable nor transferable once processed.

Data entered on this page will not be shared with any third party.

Photographs and Videos at Suzuki Music Events
Photos or videos of student members attending Suzuki Music events may be taken at various times by a designated official photographer or Suzuki staff members for promotional use by Suzuki Music. If you do not give permission for this, please email us at [email protected].

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